Waterproof Bag

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Hop in the water and never worry about your belongings getting soaked again! Our Waterproof Bag is built to handle any water that comes its way; whether that be from getting caught in a torrential downpour, falling out of a kayak, or simply getting splashed at the pool.

Our Waterproof Bag is constructed from durable, rigid, waterproof PVC tarpaulin and built to withstand any liquid thrown its way. It's also available in 3 unique colors and 4 different sizes! If you just need a small bag for your wallet and phone, then the 2L would be the perfect size for you! If you have our exclusive Gallivant Hammock with you along with some snacks and personal items, then the 15L would be your best bet with its spacious interior.

Specifications per Waterproof Bag

- 2L (single shoulder strap): 6" x 12", 0.2 lbs

- 5L (single shoulder strap): 12" x 16", 0.45 lbs

- 10L (single shoulder strap): 12" x 22", 0.6 lbs

- 15L (double shoulder strap): 14" x 22", 0.7 lbs