Travel Folding Hangers 4 Pieces

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There are clips on both sides of the hanger, which will fold up when you press it, which can be used to hang socks, underwear and other small items.

Quality: Portable clip hanger made of ABS material, durable, wear-resistant, and can be used for a lifetime!

Application: Foldable travel hanger is light and portable, suitable for business trips, outdoors, tourism, hotels, camping, cars, vacations, homes, etc.

Multi-purpose: The foldable hanger is designed to hang your coats, T-shirts, dresses, pants, pants, socks, etc.

Portable: The travel hanger can be folded into a small size of 19cm, which is convenient to carry and does not take up too much space.

Color: green + blue-pink + pink + gray-white

Material: ABS

Size: 19.2x5.3x1cm

Package Contents:

1 x green hanger

1 x Blue-pink hanger

1 x pink hanger

1 x gray-white hanger

Only the above package content, other products are not included.