Insulated Tumbler 20 oz

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The only tumbler you'll ever need.

Our Insulated Stainless Steel 20 oz Tumbler is built with you in mind. With extensive testing done and customer reviews to verify our claims, we have been able to keep ice-cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks stay warm for close to 6 hours!

High Quality Construction

Each Insulated Tumbler is made from the highest quality 304 food grade stainless steel and guaranteed to be lead free, rust-proof, and extremely durable (not to mention dishwasher-safe). The lid is made from an eco-friendly BPA free plastic that is splash-proof and straw friendly :)

Temperature Tech

We know that we went a little overboard with the functionality of these Insulated Tumblers, but the vacuum sealed double-wall tech used to maintain the temperature of each different type of drink is unmatched.

Enhanced Grip

With a powder coated grippy finish, this Tumbler is also slip-proofed to ensure you don't drop your drink if your hands are wet... and that will be the only time the outside of this cup gets wet because it's condensation-free!

Cup Holder Friendly & Dishwasher Safe

You don't need to worry about it fitting in your car cup holder either, because we checked every car manufacturer to make sure our sizing works for every car brand out there!

Plus, washing the Tumbler couldn't be easier! It's dishwasher safe and, of course if you wish to take some soap and a scrub to it then you can hand wash it too!