Hooded Neck Pillow

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Half Hoodie | Half Pillow


If you want to be able to comfortably drift asleep while you're traveling, then our Hooded Neck Pillow is perfect for you!


We understand the pain and hassle of traveling, so we created this product to make it a more comfortable experience on the way to your destination.


Now you can not only have a comfortable pillow to rest your head on, but also a way to shut out the outside world while you're peacefully resting. The neck pillow is filled with heavenly memory foam and the exterior is made from our proprietary hypoallergenic blend of cotton and polyester for maximum comfort.



- Travel comfortably

- Blocks out light

- Portable

- 5 colors (perfect for the whole family)


Don't go on your next trip, whether that be by car, plane, boat, or train without this must-have Hooded Neck Pillow.