2-in-1 Pillow Travel Blanket

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Want to travel comfortably? We got you covered - literally!

At Gallivant Gear, we've developed this versatile product to allow you to quickly go between having a warm blanket and a plush pillow.

When you want a blanket, it only takes a second! Simply unzip the pillow and let the blanket easily come out. The same is true for when you want a pillow. Simply fold up the quilt and zip it inside and it not only makes the blanket more portable for travel, but also useful!

Comfort is king, so we made this 2-in-1 Pillow Travel Blanket with a comfy trifecta of cotton, polyester, and cloth. When in blanket form, the dimension of the product are about 3.3 x 5 feet, and in pillow form about 16 x 16 inches.

Keep your family traveling comfortably and shop now while the offer lasts.